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We are a private real estate investment firm that specializes in purchasing stabilized commercial property assets that provide value-add opportunities. We allow select qualified investors to invest alongside us in a pool of capital to strategically acquire real estate investments.

core philosophy

Our core philosophy is to enable qualified investors to create long term wealth passively through strategic real estate investments. Our team of experienced real estate professionals identifies stabilized and value-add real estate assets that will provide strong financial returns, a healthy risk profile, tax benefits, and many additional benefits that come along with real estate investing. We pride ourselves on a high level of trust and Integrity in everything that we do. Investments are available to qualified or accredited investors as defined by the SEC.

identify opportunities

Our strong broker relationships offer us the opportunity to review certain properties before they are listed for sale to the public. The assets we invest in include apartment buildings, mobile home parks, self-storage, and full construction of single-family homes.
We typically buy older buildings where we can add value with rehab, streamline and create operational efficiencies to increase the net income.

deal development

We are constantly looking at our markets and analyzing different asset classes for ways to deploy capital for our investors.  If you have a property you think we might be interested in, please let us know!

Advantages of Multifamily

Since you have a bigger pool of tenants, the vacancy risk is reduced for more predictable cashflow.

The value is based on the net income generated by the multi-family property.  By adding value, the rents can be increased over time as the leases expire.

This is a big one! Capital expenditures are less when all the units are under one or several roofs.  Maintenance is also easier on larger properties.

Simply put, depreciation can allow you to reduce the amount of taxes you pay due to accounting standards.  The income you earn from quarterly cashflows is can be wiped out because of building depreciation. This advantage alone makes real estate a more friendly investment over the stock market.  Consult your CPA for more info.

As rental income is collected monthly, the mortgage is paid out monthly, consequently reducing the loan amount.  The longer we keep the asset, the lower the balance owed, the bigger the profit-sharing once asset is sold.

As the asset is stabilized and rejuvenated, it allows for continued revenue increase while providing a comfortable residence for our tenants.


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